Sneak Peeks from the upcoming SimpleMag update, yay!

SimpleMag 4.0 New Features

As you know, we are working on a new BIG and upcoming SimpleMag update. We know it has been a while from the last one, but trust me, it is worth the wait.

This version of SimpleMag (“Evolution” or some other cool name, no official name yet) will include new features, back-end improvements – some will be discussed in this article some in future articles, improved Theme Options, design changes to make the theme look cleaner and even more minimalistic, a bbPress child theme and of course the premium designed WooCommerce child theme.

We’ve also significantly cleaned the theme code, rewritten heavy scripts and made them much lighter. The theme will have more functionality, however there is much less DataBase and http queries which make the page speed a lot faster, this is important for SEO and also for UX , it decreases bounce rate and helps to improve search rankings, we site owners know it’s all very important now days.

Just one thing before we start, remember where you saw it first 🙂

Now let’s get down to business.

In this article we will show some of the page composer sections changes and improvements:

The biggest change is a new section that combines 4 sections from the previous theme version

  • Latest Posts
  • Featured Posts
  • Latest By Category
  • Latest Reviews

into one section – the “Posts Section”


Here you first choose the “Section Type” meaning what this section displays, the options that are relevant to this section will appear right under with a grey background (only Latest By category & Latest Posts), this lets you easily configure the section, e.g.


Next there are the options that are relevant for all sections:

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Layout – the 4 available SimpleMag layouts – Grid, Masonry, List, Classic List
  • Enable/disable elements the post item displays – image, category, date, title, author, excerpt, read more
  • Background color
  • Text color
  • And a new cool feature – you can set a different sidebar for each section, Wow!

You can add as many “Posts Section”s as you want.

Why is it good?

Mainly less requests are being sent to the data base. It also saves space on the edit page, we get a nice, clean and easy to configure edit page.

New Options In The “Posts Slider” Section


We have added some really cool features to the Posts slider section. Now you can add a slider not only with two latest posts but with two featured posts or two custom posts. Also we added a styling option to the slider text, a box with a background around the slider content which includes white, black or tint.

This content styling option was added to the “Full width image” and the “Custom Slider” sections as well.

New Section in the house!


A new section will be added to the page composer, the “Media Posts” section, it will replace the “Latest By Format” section. “Media Posts” will output media from audio, video and gallery posts in a form of a newly designed and developed ( by us ) slider.

The section functionality allows to show the media directly on the homepage and browse between the different media in the predefined post format, without the need to go into the single post, which of course is also possible. This functionality together with the new and innovative design of this section will make your homepage more lively.

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