SimpleMag V 4.0 Functionality & Design Changes Preview

SimpleMag 4.0 Design Changes

As previously mentioned in the Sneak Peeks from SimpleMag 4.0 article, some functionality and design elements were changed in the new SimpleMag version 4.0. In this article we will show the main functionality and design changes. Design changes were made in a way to make the theme look cleaner, modern and elegant.

First, The Main Menu

The new interactive mega menu is now AJAX based what allows to use less code, makes less DataBase load and queries and speeds up page loading time.

The “Columns Menu” functionality was changed. In the previous versions of SimpleMag a menu built with third level sub items functioned as a “Columns Menu” by default automatically.  Now, a menu with third level sub items will function as a regular drop down menu by default, however if you would like the columns menu, you can easily set it up simply by adding a predefined class called “columns-menu” to the parent element.


More detailed information will be published in the theme documentation and in our support knowledge base.

Mobile Menu

Mobile menu scrolling functionality was changed, The mobile menu position is fixed and it is not scrolling with the site. This lets the site users navigate the site more conveniently and more efficiently. We’ve changed the background of the mobile menu to light and neutral to match with any site colors.

SimpleMag V4.0 Mobile Menu


We always stick to the latest WordPress releases and standards, change and improve theme code and functionality accordingly. Starting from the latest WordPress version 4.3 “Billie”, site owners have the ability to upload and manage site favicon using the WordPress native customizer, so we removed the favicon option from our Theme Options. To manage site favicon, in your admin panel navigate to Appearance → Customize → “Site Identity” tab

favicon-wordpress 4.3

Design Changes in the Single Post

The Title

We’ve added a “Title Position” setting with three options:

  • Full Width – the default title position
  • Above The Content – places the title above the content and under the featured image
  • Define Per post – set the title position for each post individually in the “Post Options” box on the post edit screen

SimpleMag 4.0 Title Position

In conjunction with the already known “Media Position” option,  this new option gives you more flexibility in designing the single post.

Gallery Post Format

New “Media Position” – “Above The Content” and new additional design of the gallery. When choosing the “Above The Content” option in the Post Options box, the gallery will appear under the post title and above the editor content with the caption under the image and a new designed gallery navigation.

If sidebar is enabled for this post, the gallery will be left to the sidebar.

Gallery Post Format - Above The Content Media Position

The Manual Excerpt

In the single post the text inserted into the “Excerpt” box will be outputted above the content which is coming from the editor. In the post item in the different page composer sections and on category pages it will appear as excerpt.

Manual Excerpt In the Single Post

SimpleMag v4.0 manual excerpt single post

Manual Excerpt In Post Item

SimpleMag v4.0 manual excerpt post item

The Author Box


The borders were removed, round author avatar instead of square, a changeable background was added. This gives the box a cleaner, modern look and author focused.

Tags Box, Comment Count , Likes

We removed borders from the tags and gave them a list display, nice and clean.

We added an in theme post likes. It creates more interaction with your site visitors and readers.

Also we’ve added a new comment count feature.

Social Share

New design and functionality of the minimal and colorful social icons which includes a share counter


Rating Score 

The main change is the 1-10 select that has been replaced by a number field where you can add a score manually even with decimals which gives more rating flexibility

SimpleMag Rating Score

Totally new and unique design of the rating score.

*Our review feature is connected to the Review and will be displayed in the search results. More details in the “ Support” section below. Support

The Schema markup which is promoted by the biggest search engines helps to improve search rankings and may have visual affect on them, the result appears as rich snippets. in this theme version we improved and made Schema more accurate. The theme is supported for the content described below with an example for each content type


SimpleMag Review Rich Snippet


Please note: Google does note guarantee that the stars will appear in your search results. In order to help to achieve this, use regularly and not only on just one page.


Extracts information about post author and displays it in the search result.


SimpleMag Schema atcl

 Video – From version 4.0

Works when you use the “Video Post Format” and add a video to the “Add Video” field  on the post edit screen

SimpleMag Video

And Finally

We hope you like the new changes and improvements. More changes and features to come in this and in future updates as our team constantly working and bringing up new ideas to make SimpleMag as awesome as possible.

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