Structured Data Markup provides a structured data markup that is supported by the major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Yandex. helps search engines to understand better what your site is about and increases the chance of your site being displayed visually richer in search results, it also may help improve search rankings. Schema may help improve CTR (click-through rate) with Rich Snippets making your listing more attractive and giving a more descriptive information about page content.

Important to note that implementing schema microdata is not an SEO “Hack” and it doesn’t necessarily mean you will rank higher, it is simply the best way for search engines to better understand and display your content.

We’ve added support to our theme SimpleMag. The theme is supported for 4 content types. These may appear in search results like in the following examples


Your articles may appear in search results with a headline, images, date of publish and description. It may also appear in features such as “In the news” and content carousels

In the New Rich Snippet


Indicates the author of the article and may display it in the search result


Using the SimpleMag “Post Score” feature, the search result may be displayed with stars and other info from the Review such as author, description and publish date and not just the numeric value. Review Rich Snippet


Works when you use the “Add Video” field in the “Video Post Format” on the post edit screen. Using the video markup the result may appear on the SERP with a title, description, who uploaded the video, a thumbnail and video duration.

Video Rich Snippet

Despite the fact that our theme SimpleMag is already SEO optimized with clean code, proper H tag hierarchy in posts and pages, images alt attributes, scripts that are loaded in the footer of the site for fast loading times, SEO plugin support, we also added Schema markup to help make your site be more understandable for search engines, improve visibility and help generate higher traffic volume.

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